Consignment Stores in Connecticut


Ok, so used clothes aren’t for everyone. But it is a recession people, you have to spend your money wisely. If you, like me, cannot stop spending even though your dollars are running thin, here is another option for you. Consignment stores. They are cheap, fun to search through and you can sometimes hit the jack pot. 

Here is a list of consignment stores in Connecticut, some I have been to and recommend, others I just heard about and suggest you take a look!

1. Touch of Class Consignment, in Simsbury, Connecticut. Their website boasts designer brands such as Diane Von Furstenburg, D&G, Michael Kors and Gucci. I have never been, but it may be worth a gander.

2. Consignment Originals, in three locations, Cheshire, Rocky Hill and Orange, Ct. Their website boasts, “we want you to be happier when you leave our store than when you entered.” I have never been to this one either, but once again, try it!

3. Just Like New, in Vernon and Glastonbury, Ct. Now this one I have been to, its good, but you have to search pretty hard to find the goods, if you aren’t into rifling through racks, this isn’t for you. 

4. New Prospects LLC., Prospect, Ct. This is a tried and true consignment store, with house goods to clothes to vinyls. A real cool place to go. 

5. Goddess Plus Consignment, in Waterbury, Ct. This is a special consignment store, all plus size clothes, one of the only ones in the New England area.


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