Goodbye For Now!

2638_622510861171_9030151_39482394_3605086_sThis has been a fun filled semester filled with blogging about Fashion. While it can be tedious at times attempting to come up with topics, finding the right pictures and getting layouts to work…throughout my blogging over these past few months, I have learned so much more about Fashion and the online journalism world. 

I will be taking a break for the summer while I am away on the beautiful Block Island where I will most likely not have internet access for the whole summer, but I hope to be back and raring to go come September.

I hope that this blog has served fellow fashion lovers well and provided entertainment and I hope to one day be able to turn this into a career because it is damn fun!images-2

Have a lovely summer and check back for updates because if I can, I will be updating in the next few weeks and definitely in the Fall! Have a fashionable summer, and remember no white until after Memorial Day!



Actor Keifer Sutherland Commits Fashion Crime

images-1At the aforementioned Met Costume Institute Gala, rumors are flying surrounding one actor who is not new to the scene. Actor Kiefer Sutherland was in attendance at a Gala after party at a SOHO restaurant SubMercer on Monday night where he allegedly head-butted famed fashion designer Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler. According to a article, “Sutherland is said to be speaking with lawyers today to plan the best way to handle the aftermath of his early Tuesday morning altercation.”

McCollough apparently suffered an injury of a broken nose and was sent to the emergency room in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

imagesWhile the cause of the incident is still unknown, NYC based friends of Sutherland are attributing the cause of the incident to Sutherland’s heavy drinking,”Kiefer is a popular guy in the neighborhood but he likes to drink,” says a neighbor. “He has his favorite Italian restaurant in the Village and the manager would let him sit in the back with a bottle of Jack Daniels in the afternoon between lunch and dinner when there wasn’t anybody coming in off the street. I mean, he would drink a lot, but he never caused any problem. We all know him.”  

Among the horrified party goers was Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour who is not happy about the publicity being brought upon a night that she hosted and helped put together. In a New York Magazine article, a source from Conde Nast, where Wintour works is quoted saying “Anna is furious that the Met Gala got upstaged by Kiefer doing something stupid at an after-party that wasn’t even part of her event. Now that’s all anyone is talking about, not her party.”

Model Profile: Agyness Deyn



Meet Agyness Deyn, or the model formerly known as Laura Hollins. Hailing from Littleborough, England, this 26-year-old is making waves on the fashion scene and has been featured in many fashion shows and ad campaigns throughout this past three seasons.

Deyn is known for her outrageous style and short, pixie like hair and her ridiculous outfits. She has become the muse for famed designer Christopher Bailey.

I’m not the kind of person who has a lot of friends, and I’m much happier just mixing in my small circle. I don’t really go to fashion parties; they’re not my scene.” -Agyness Deyn, The Independent.  




Fendi Fall 2008 Ready to Wear Show

Fendi Fall 2008 Ready to Wear Show


Carolina Herrera Spring 2009 Ready to Wear

Carolina Herrera Spring 2009 Ready to Wear











Consignment Stores in Connecticut


Ok, so used clothes aren’t for everyone. But it is a recession people, you have to spend your money wisely. If you, like me, cannot stop spending even though your dollars are running thin, here is another option for you. Consignment stores. They are cheap, fun to search through and you can sometimes hit the jack pot. 

Here is a list of consignment stores in Connecticut, some I have been to and recommend, others I just heard about and suggest you take a look!

1. Touch of Class Consignment, in Simsbury, Connecticut. Their website boasts designer brands such as Diane Von Furstenburg, D&G, Michael Kors and Gucci. I have never been, but it may be worth a gander.

2. Consignment Originals, in three locations, Cheshire, Rocky Hill and Orange, Ct. Their website boasts, “we want you to be happier when you leave our store than when you entered.” I have never been to this one either, but once again, try it!

3. Just Like New, in Vernon and Glastonbury, Ct. Now this one I have been to, its good, but you have to search pretty hard to find the goods, if you aren’t into rifling through racks, this isn’t for you. 

4. New Prospects LLC., Prospect, Ct. This is a tried and true consignment store, with house goods to clothes to vinyls. A real cool place to go. 

5. Goddess Plus Consignment, in Waterbury, Ct. This is a special consignment store, all plus size clothes, one of the only ones in the New England area.

Books Any Fashionista Should Own

Whether or not you would label yourself a fashionista, you should still be well-versed on the history of fashion, as well as history of designers and trends. Here are some books that will give you a more in-depth look into the world of fashion and provide you with a great library.




1. Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, Amazon, $14.99





  2. The Little Black Dress by Amy Holman Edelman, Amazon, $21.99







3. The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia, Amazon, $15.56






4. Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour, by Rachel Zoe, Amazon, $10.99





5. American Fashion, by Charlie Scheips, Amazon, $31.50

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Fashion Forward Mother

With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, I felt that it would be appropriate and helpful to write about some great things you can get for your mom. Whether or not she enjoys fashion, with these gifts she will look great and feel great. It is a day dedicated to her, so why not make her feel special.

1. If you mom is into fashion and she likes books, here is another option. You can find it on Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble.




   Give her the book, Chanel and Her World: Friends, Fashion and Fame, by Edmonde Charles-Roux. If she likes to read, and likes fashion she will love to own this.



2. Do you have an eco-conscious mom? Get her something that is “green-chic“. 


An EcoSphere! $65.00 from Brookstone, “EcoSphere is a calming balance of earth, water, air and life—all parts of a working self-sufficient ecosystem that’s much more than science; it’s an original work of art. Makes a unique gift for those who contemplate the mystery of life on our planet and enjoy the serenity of nature.”


3. For the mom who likes jewelry.



Dogeared jewelry has many necklaces and bracelets dedicated to moms. This necklace is $42 and you can buy it online at the Dogeared website, or at any major department store.



4. For the mom who like luxury and you want to be able to afford something for her.


  Go to your local spa and get her a gift certificate for a mother and daughter massage.



5.  For the mom who is an animal lover.




Give her a gift that will please her and her pooch. A doggie purse from, only $19.99. 




NY Times Fashion Critic Holds Talk on Michelle Obama’s Personal Style

mrso_may2-530x353On Sunday, May 4th, 2009, The New York Times hosted a “Sunday with The Magazine” event in New York City, including a panel discussion on First Lady Michelle Obama’s style. The panel featured NY Times Fashion critic Cathy Horyn, and designers Narciso Rodriguez, Maria Cornejo and Thakoon Panichgul, all of whom Obama has worn to public events. 

The three designers fielded questions put out by Horyn, focusing on Obama’s choices, how they design for her and Obama’s image as a First Lady. The designers praised Obama’s ambition to choose her own clothes, and buy them which Panichgul pointed out, “At least she shops and is not borrowing, so that’s good for the economy.

The designers also all agreed that Obama is breaking the mold as one of the first First Ladies’ to chose lesser known designers and not picking traditional clothes. Cornejo said, “She is giving a lot of people like myself the chance to be seen. She is being much more democratic instead of using people who have been like dinosaurs on Seventh Avenue over and over again.”

The panel all agreed that Obama is proving to be a revolutionary First Lady and they all concluded that they hope she continues to be adventurous with her style choices.